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Cost of living in Ecuador

At the present time, the cost of living in Ecuador is at least twice less than that of other industrialized nations. Locally grown food and locally made commodities can be found at a fraction of the price of similar items in North America and Western Europe. Prices for imported food items and imported goods such [...]


Geography and demographicsCountry’s surface: 256,370 sq. km. (98,985 sq. mi.) Population: 16.38 million (2016) Capital city: Quito 2.2 million Main cities: Guayaquil 2.3 million, Cuenca 320,000 Official language: Spanish (93%) Native languages: kichua (4 %), shuar Literacy rate: 94.46 % Life expectancy: 76.12 years (2015) Religions: Catholic (74%), Protestant (10 %) National Day: August 10MoneyWhat is the cost [...]