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Real Estate in Ecuador: Four Mistakes to Avoid When Looking for a Home

Real estate in Ecuador is hot right now -- the land of coastal and forest ecosystems, cheap living, and ideal climate has finally garnered the attention of expats everywhere, so much that in the next decade, it could rival Mexico or Costa Rica in popularity. That said, if you’re looking to buying a property in [...]

Retire to Ecuador – Information From 6 Reputable Sources Available

We’ve been telling you about the numerous reasons why so many people every year decide to retire to Ecuador. Now, it’s time to let other experts have their say. Here are six different articles talking about Ecuador as a place of choice for retirees.   For those who’d like to retire to Ecuador and, more [...]

Attention golf lovers: Golf in Ecuador is a must try!

Most golfers would tell you that visualization is a big part of golfing, so for those of you who have never golfed in Ecuador before, let’s close your eyes for a second and allow yourself to be transported to a sunny and warm day on a grassy field. Are you there? After a good night [...]
Ecuador Beaches – Top 16 Beaches and Where to Stay

Ecuador Beaches – Top 16 Beaches and Where to Stay

Visiting Ecuador? We’ve got you covered! After sifting through all Ecuador beaches, we’ve found the top spots for you. So whether you’re a nature lover, beach lounger, or a looking for a great party, don’t sweat it- your dream Ecuador beaches await!   1. Salinas Beach, Santa Elena Salinas Beach Santa Elena -  Source: [...]

The Top 4 Ecuador Beachfront Property Options

When it comes to Ecuador beachfront properties, holaecuador has got you covered. With its four projects, holaecuador offers many options that will surely meet your needs for the home of your dreams. The Las Olas project, the Caida del sol project, the and the Las Palmeras Residencias project all offer different possibilities, but they all [...]

Real Estate in Ecuador vs real estate in Costa Rica and Mexico

There are many reasons why investing in real estate in Ecuador is THE number one choice for people who are looking for a place to retire or for others looking to make good investments in the next couple of years. When making such big decisions with your money, you have to consider many aspects, especially [...]

Retire In Ecuador – Why This Country Is The Best Place For Retirement

More and more people are deciding to retire in Ecuador and they have many good reasons to choose that path. Weather, peace, wild-life, and low-costs are some of many arguments that can convince a couple to retire in Ecuador. Let’s explore five reasons why Ecuador has won first place for the last five years as [...]

Condos in Ecuador With a Fantastic Beach View For Sale

Considered to be in the top three countries for retirement, Ecuador has many advantages to offer, which is why buying condos in Ecuador represents a smart investment. Whether you want to enjoy retirement, relax with a nice vacation or invest in real estate, holaecuador offers you condos for sale in Ecuador with stunning panoramic views [...]

Retiring in Ecuador

Retiring in Ecuador has many advantages. A warm, mild climate throughout the year, a low cost of living (at least two times lower than that of other industrialized nations), unparalleled landscapes and biodiversity, an efficient and affordable healthcare system, benefits for retirees and of course Ecuadorians’ hospitality make this Latin American country increasingly attractive for [...]