Retire In Ecuador – Why This Country Is The Best Place For Retirement

Retire to Ecuador

More and more people are deciding to retire in Ecuador and they have many good reasons to choose that path. Weather, peace, wild-life, and low-costs are some of many arguments that can convince a couple to retire in Ecuador.

Let’s explore five reasons why Ecuador has won first place for the last five years as the best country to retire to.

First reason: get a whole lot more with your retirement money in Ecuador

Have you ever dreamed of spending just a few pennies to buy fresh fruit that hasn’t travelled miles, but that were grown only a few kilometers away? Or imagine eating a nice meal for the cost of a bottle of water and a snack bought in downtown Los Angeles? Many countries can be considered affordable, but there are not that many where one would consider retiring. After waking from an economic slumber, this country is ready to join the global economy thanks in part to its flourishing tourism industry. The cost of properties for sale in Ecuador is very low, at least two times lower than that of other industrialized nations.


Second reason: access to Ecuador’s best medical coverage for only $70/month

One of the factors that propelled Ecuador to first place amongst the best countries to retire is the fact that access to medical coverage has been expanded. For $70 per month, a legal resident can gain access to full medical coverage, no matter his/her age and pre-existing medical condition restrictions.


Third reason: Flying to and from Ecuador is easy

With its new $680 million airport that recently opened in the Quito region, Ecuador now has the facility to welcome tourists and retiring people. This airport now has the longest runway of any international airport in Latin America. Right now, eight cities in the United States offer a straight flight to Quito and inside the country, there are many flights between the three main cities of Quito, Guayaquil and Cuenca.


Fourth reason: Ecuador’s most stunning natural beauty and wildlife

When you retire in Ecuador, you get the chance to explore nature at its best. A short flight can bring you to the Galapagos Islands to explore a unique place of natural beauty. The Amazon jungle, snow-capped volcanoes and stunning Pacific beaches will amaze you and offer many things to discover.


Fifth reason: Ecuadorian hospitality

People who retire in Ecuador quickly realize that this country offers more than one culture. It is a whole range of cultures mixed together and representing every level of this very stratified community. There are many things to discover amongst this mix of cultures that will make retirement exciting.


All of this and we haven’t even talked about climate, Ecuadorians’ hospitality and many other factors that make this country the greatest place to retire. If you’re looking for a beachfront property in Ecuador, Hola Ecuador has exactly what you need for your retirement. Take a look at some of the available properties and give us a call today!


Isabelle Coulombe

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