Cost of living in Ecuador

Cost of living in Ecuador

At the present time, the cost of living in Ecuador is at least twice less than that of other industrialized nations. Locally grown food and locally made commodities can be found at a fraction of the price of similar items in North America and Western Europe. Prices for imported food items and imported goods such as furniture, appliances, vehicles, machinery or high-end materials are similar or sometimes greater than what one would expect to pay in North America and Western Europe. According to the many comments we receive from our clients and from other sources such as International Living, if you eat fresh local food, don’t care about fashion label brands or the latest technological gadgets and if you take advantage of the well established public transportation system, you will definitely live better for less in Ecuador.


Either in a restaurant or at the grocery store, prices are particularly low. You can have an almuerzo (lunch) in a beachside restaurant or on a Malecon (boardwalk), including soup, main course, dessert and beverage for prices as low as $2.50. In small beachside restaurants, you can enjoy a cold beer for as little as $1. Seafood lovers can indulge in a large plate of fresh local seafood or fish for $5 to $10, or a tasty filet mignon for about $7, depending on the type of restaurant and the location. Indeed, the tourist zones and commercial streets in big cities can be more expensive.



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